Safekeeping Receipts an asset



Safekeeping Receipts are issued to clients who have deposited hard assets with Global Trust Depository. Hard assets could mean, gold, silver, platinum, gemstones, art works, heirlooms, trust deeds, gold mines, coal mines, or any other valuable asset. Once the asset has been deposited with Global Trust Depository the Safekeeping Receipt is issued which can be used by the client as proof that he owns the asset and has the asset under his control. The asset owner can then pledge the Safekeeping Receipt as collateral for loans and or trading purposes. Each Safekeeping Receipt is assigned a serial number which can be verified through Global Trust Depository to determine if the Safekeeping Receipt is still in full force and effect. If need be, the Safekeeping Receipt can be pledged to the lender or trader for the term of a specific lending or trading contract. This pledge of the security is done through the use of a “Blocked Asset Letter” that can be issued directly from Global Trust Depository to the lending or trading entity. All Safekeeping Receipts are written for a one year time period but they can be extended out to longer term limits.


One advantage of having a Safekeeping Receipt is that an asset owner can deposit his asset with Global Trust Depository and have a Safekeeping Receipt issued. Then when the depositor travels outside of the United States to present his asset to foreign lenders or traders for loan or trading purposes he does not have to take his asset with him and risk theft, foreign duties, or any other kinds of declarations that must be made when assets are taken out of, or back into, the United States.

Understanding Authentication of Assets and How They Benefit You

When someone dealing is dealing in large markets or looking to sell or buy something, knowing what they’re buying is worth the money, is the real deal or truly belongs to the person claiming to be the owner are factors that often crosses a buyer’s mind. When dealing in international markets, the risk and suspicions regarding these circumstances is greatly magnified and it’s not uncommon to ask for or make a request to see an authentication report.
authentication reportOn the other hand, it’s even easy to fake an authentication report as well so how does one know that they’ve got the real deal? By having a third party asset holder deal with the verification process, that’s how. Third party asset holders are capable of providing a wide variety of services particularly authentication services for assets. While many people might deem them as a waste of money, there is a certain market credibility that goes with it. When you’re getting your assets authenticated, you can avail the following benefits:
Market Credibility
Authentication services of assets allow you to have credible claim behind the value of their product, their owner ship and gives a degree of reliability to you as a buyer and as a seller. This particular quality is extremely important particularly when you’re in the international market. If you’re able to produce proper authentication, you’ll be more likely to get more buyers and sellers who’re eager to do business with you. Furthermore, when you’re buying or selling on a national and international market, you’re going to need solid proof that what you’re selling you actually have a right to sell. With market credibility, you’re also able to entice fans onto showcasing loyalty for your products and services.
Ease of Mind
Once you’re working with a third party asset holder, you won’t have to worry about your asset authentication. A professional organization that works as a third party asset holder will also be able to provide you with authentication services for assets whether your assets entail property, cash, coins, stocks, bonds or other items of value. Basically, if you have any asset of value, a good organization will be able to offer authentication services for assets in any shape and size. Owing to this fact, numerous people can utilize the same third party asset holder. This also allows greater ease of mind based on the fact that a person can utilize such an organization and approach them without any concerns.
Double Verification of Authenticity
Getting authentication services for assets from a reliable third party asset holder also entails that you’re able to enjoy greater peace of mind both as a buyer and as a seller. While you might have an authentication report on hand to support the claim of authenticity, it’s even possible to approach the third party asset holder and have the asset’s authenticity confirmed by them as well. This helps to create a double verification process that preserves the authenticity of your claim and establishes good will. Some clients may find this step a little hard to believe but it’s worth it since you’re going to come across one or two customers who will want to verify your authentication.
Increases Reliability
Utilizing authentication services for assets, particularly international assets makes things go a lot easier for all parties involved. The buyer can be sure that they’re purchasing something from the original owner and that what they’re receiving is well worth the price. Having an authentication report also ensures that the seller is a reliable person to conduct business with.
When conducting business in online or international markets, this factor really comes into play since many buyers and sellers are not actually in the same countries as their sellers or buyers are. With a third party asset holder that offers authentication services for assets, this hurdle is easily breached. Besides if you’re careful about the kind of third party asset holding organization you choose to work with, you can even end up enjoying other services and fringe benefits other than authentication services for assets.
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